Frequently asked questions

Do I need tickets?

No, the entire festival is free and fuelled whollly by the time and talents of generous people and organisations.  Teas and coffees and cakes at the cafe will need to be paid for though.  Donations however will be gratefully recieved at collecting points by the doors to the church.

What is a Death Cafe/Grave Talk?

What is a Death Cafe/Grave Talk?

'The premise is simple: people go along, drink tea, eat cake and discuss death: not

to be morbid, just to raise awareness and to "help people make the most of their

(finite) lives". 

These sessions will take place at 3.30-5pm Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November.

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Is this a religious/Christian event?

 No. The church provides a perfect venue, but all the activities and events during festival hours are non-religious . On Sunday at 5pm the church will hold their annual service of remembrance for bereaved individuals and families in the afternoon. This 'Service  of Light' is a Christian service but aims to be inclusive of all faiths and those with no faith.

Can I bring children?

Children are welcome, it is entirely parents choice if they feel the subject of death is appropriate for their child. Children are  warmly invited to participate in the passage of remembrance and bring anyone who they loved who has died, including pets. 

What if I get upset?

We welcome feelings and their expression at this event. The pews will be left as quiet spaces for anyone to sit and grieve undisturbed if they want to. Equally the stewards present in the church are all members of St.John's excellent bereavement team and will be there to  talk to if needed.  A private space to talk to a member of the team or a bereavement counsellor will also be available. There will be plenty of tissues.

Can I drop in anytime?

Yes! Come for 5 minutes or 5 hours, come once or come in and out as suits you. It's an entirely drop in event.  Please make a note of the hours of opening so you are not dissapointed.